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Pho, pronounced as "fuh", is as Vietnamese as cheese burger to American. Traditionally, Pho was primarily served for breakfast to start the day anew. In modern society, Pho is served at any time of the day due to its popularity. This dish remains a regular staple in the diets of many Vietnamese people and is well-known among those who enjoy our cuisines. No matter where you are, you'll find a steaming bowl of Pho beckoning you to come by and savor it.

At The Boiling Bowl, our team is dedicated to bringing you an authentic taste of our culture, using the freshest ingredients in our recipes, from the hands of our talented chef, Allen Hoang. By sampling our menu online, we hope you'll feel the urge come by, have a seat, and enjoy a delicious meal prepared for you. Free parking is avaible at the double-deck garage located adjacent to the restaurant.

Pho is soup for the soul.